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What do I need in order to get married?

You must obtain a marriage licence from an Alberta Registry agent within 90days of your wedding day.You must then provide your marriage commissioner with this document before you get married. Information about marriage licences can be found at

Where do I obtain our marriage licence?

A list of all Registry Agents can be found at

Make sure you check with your selected registry agent what documents and fees you must bring with you in order to collect your marriage licence.

On the Day

At your marriage ceremony, your commissioner will bring the documents you have provided them. During the ceremony you and your partner must recite two legally required statements, and the rest of the ceremony can be customized to suit your wishes.  You must also have two witnesses present (18 years or older) that can sign the Registration of Marriage.  You and your partner as well as the marriage commisioner will also sign this document.

After the Wedding

At the conclusion of the marriage ceremony, the commissioner will provide the couple with the proof of marriage document. You are responsible for applying and obtaining a permanent Marriage Certificate, which is the legal proof of the marriage. This application can be made at any Registry office

Other Info
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