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What are the services that you provide?


  • A pre-booking chat by phone, Face Time or Skype 


  • After booking with a non-refundable $75 retainer, a face to face meeting to help with support, consultation and planning of the wedding ceremony (based on availability and need)


  • Officiating the ceremony while including your personalized requests, readings, and vows


  • Providing a Civil Marriage Statement at the wedding ceremony; providing a written 'momento' of the ceremony; and mailing the completed Marriage license to Alberta  Vital Statistics


What are your fees?

My fees are dependent on the area that you wish to be married. Please contact me at:

Where do we get the license and our certificate?


You need to contact an Alberta registry and apply for the license there. If  you are out of province or country, you need to plan to visit a registry as soon as you arrive. You pay them directly and you will receive the marriage registration/ license which needs to be brought to the wedding ceremony. You may do this within 90 days of your ceremony.


Vital Statistics Main Page:

Vital Statistics: Getting Married:

Marriage Licences:

Finding a Registry Agent:



Can I have a friend or family member do the whole ceremony and you just sign the papers?


I am more than welcome to have them perform readings or unity ceremonies or family inclusion ceremonies, however, the marriage commissioner needs to be the main person performing the legal ceremony.


Does your fee include rehearsals?


My fee does not include rehearsals. It is $100 for one hour. Please have the wedding party present and all important people for your special day. It’s best to keep it simple and have only the important people present. It will be based on my availability.



Can we change the ceremony script?


 You are most welcome to personalize your ceremony with readings, personal vows, unity ceremonies, family inclusion and some other passages. Please be aware that it is best to follow my basic script to maintain the flow, and rhythm of the ceremony. The ceremony usually lasts15- 20 minutes.



What happens if we forget the marriage license?


It is mandatory to have your marriage license in order to get married.


What happens if we are running late?


If you are  more than 20 minutes late, I reserve the right to leave as I might have another wedding to perform. We would have to do the wedding at a later time in the day.


How do we acknowledge a family member who is absent from the ceremony?


You may include a special acknowledgement of the person; place a flower or photo on the signing table/ chair; and/or read a special poem/reading.


Where can you perform the ceremony?


I have been appointed  by the Government of Alberta to perform wedding ceremonies from Lake Louise area to Kananaskis area. I have done heli-weddings; ceremonies by Spray Lakes; and simple elopements beside the Bow River.


What is my back up plan in case of an emergency?


The Marriage Commissioners are a collaborative group of people and if they are available to assist, they will. They will be performing weddings as well. However, if no one is available than I would have to ask Vital Statistics to help.


Locating a Marriage Commissioner:



What do we do if we don’t have witnesses?


I can help you find 2 witnesses if needed.


What type of ceremonies do you perform?


I perform simple elopements to large weddings. Personalized ceremonies are welcome.

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